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The goal of this event is for our young dancers to present the community with a beautiful dance concert, while also getting involved and supporting a good cause. All proceeds from this year’s event will help raise funds for the  breast cancer research of Dr. Bethany Anderson.
Dr. Anderson is an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Human Oncology.  In her work as a radiation oncology physician, she cares for hundreds of women each year who are affected by breast cancer.  Traditional courses of radiation therapy require daily treatments for 5-6 weeks, and radiation can affect healthy cells in the treatment area.  Dr. Anderson’s research mission, therefore, is to make radiation therapy for breast cancer an easier and more successful journey for women in the future.  This includes improving methods for shorter and more targeted breast radiation, such as brachytherapy and ViewRay.  She also studies methods for reducing side effects of treatment, such as shorter courses of radiation therapy given to the whole breast, or to the chest wall for women who undergo mastectomy.  Many of her research studies are designed to move the field forward by learning from the experiences of women who have undergone cancer treatment.  

Tickets will go on sale online beginning at 10:00 AM on Saturday, February 16, 2019. Sales will continue from this date and up until one hour before the performance and then at the front door after that. The ticket price is $15. Ticket sale proceeds will go to paying for our venue and to our cause;  the breast cancer research of Dr.Bethany Anderson.
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For more information on how to help support this event, please contact Meghan at meghan@mpadance.com.