Midwest  - Enhancing lives through dance education.
Service Summary
Group Dance Instruction
Midwest Performing Arts offers a carefully designed progressive dance training program which moves the student from the Pre-Dance  levels, through the Student Division, and into the Pre-Professional Program.   These three categories will allow the school to give each individual dancer the focus on training they are seeking, from introduction to dance, to the recreational dancer, and to the professionally focused student.  This training program will be providing students of all ages and needs with strong technical training in Ballet, Jazz, and Modern, and will also include instruction in Tap and Hip Hop.  Evaluations of each student's progress will be done each year in order make appropriate placement suggestions, making sure each student is placed for optimal growth. 
Private Dance Instruction
Will be available upon request in the genres listed above.  With a private lesson the students will work one-on-one with an instructor, receiving personalize instruction and immediate correction.   

Youth Dance Companies
Students will have the opportunity to audition for and be a part of youth dance companies.  These companies would give the participant the opportunity to be a part of extra performances and work with guest choreographer.
Performance Productions
Two performances per year will be offered for the students to participate in.  Involvement in performance will allow each student to experience an audition process and the reward of showcasing work and talent in front of an audience.  This is also a way for the school to give back to the community by sharing the beauty of this art on its local stages.   
Guest Artist Workshops
As often as the schedule will allow, we will provide the students of our school and other schools in the area with the opportunity to learn from renowned dance professionals.  It is important to expose the dance students to different instructors and styles of dance within the school itself and from the outside.
Studio Rental
Midwest Performing Arts is housed in a state of the art dance facility.  Any time that the studios are not in use by MPA, they will be available for rental.