Midwest  - Enhancing lives through dance education.

Our Facility
 Welcome to Waunakee's first "state of the art' dance facility!
Midwest Performing Arts has two state of the art dance studios.  Studio 1 
(1114 sq. ft.) and Studio 2 (1638 sq. ft.) are both equipped with high quality sound systems, ballet barres, and 8ft high mirrors, but most importantly they have proper dance floors for the safety and well being of the dancers.  Our sprung sub-floors are custom built by Ballet Flooring and the marley floor covering over them is Rosco Marley.
Why is a Sprung Floor important?   Dancing on hard surfaces, like concrete, or dancing on flooring that is too soft, can lead to injury and can even end a dancer’s career!  A dance floor needs the right amount of energy absorption and flexibility, sprung dance floors have the right amount of “give” to them.  A sprung dance floor means that every point on the dance surface is separated from the sub-floor by air.  
Why is Marley Floor important?  The top layer of the dance floor is also an important factor.  A vinyl composite “marley” floor is accepted worldwide as the best surface layer for recreational to professional dance.  A marley floor allows dancers to slide, with a degree of “controlled slip”, but is not slippery so there is less risk of slips and falls.