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COVID-19 Updates

November 9, 2020

Hello MPA Dancers and Parents,

We wanted to begin by thanking you all for all you are doing to help and support MPA Staff, dancers, and families during this unusual time. Our Health and Safety Plan is in full motion and we have you all to thank for respectfully following it ensure the well-being of everyone that enters MPA. The love and appreciation we see in each and every one of the dancers makes it all worth it! We are truly grateful to have all of you with us.

Under normal circumstances, now is the time we would be gearing up for Parent Observation Days and handing out our Spring Concert of Dance Participation Forms. However, as we all know, this is not a normal year! With that said, we want to keep you informed of how are handling both things as we move forward this dance season.

Parent Observation Days: In efforts to follow Covid-19 restrictions and to keep all of our staff, dancers, and families healthy, we are NOT going to be holding Parent Observation Days this dance season.

Spring Concert of Dance: We are moving forward with plans for our 2021 Spring Concert of Dance. The Sauk Prairie River Arts Center has been booked by MPA for the dates of May 27-30, 2021. We understand that committing to the Spring Concert is a big decision for all of our dancers and families. This is why we have decided to postpone the distribution of the Participation Form until January. We are hoping that given more time, we are able to gain more clarity on how we are going to make this event possible. Especially, taking into consideration the health and safety of all involved, while also making the event a joyful and inspiring experience. We promise to continue to keep you informed as decision are made. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Meghan and the MPA Staff

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Midwest Performing Arts enhances lives through dance by providing each student with a strong technical base while encouraging them to explore creative and artistic thinking and also inspiring them to increase their body movement potential, physical health, and an appreciation of dance as an athletic art form.



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